What is The Bratislava’s Association of Country and Historical Dances

Bratislava’s Association of Country and Historical Dances is the dance group with the longest history and the largest repertoire in Slovakia.
We also perform under the name Saltarello. Saltarello was established in 1995, when we began to travel abroad more often and soon found out, that the translation of the whole name into foreign languages was more than complicated...

Step by step, we have added more and more dance styles to the traditional country dance – historical dances, baroque, square dances ruled directly by callers, tap-dance, clogging, cancan...in 1996 we performed for the first time in Slovakia Irish tap-dance style... we restored a few musicals, started to devote our attention to Belly Dance and our latest passion is modern country, especially Line Dance.

We have approximately 100 performances per year. Besides lot of events in Slovakia, we take part also in many of them in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Netherlands…and we have also visited the “birthplace” of country – Nashville/USA.

We love to dance and everything that brings the joy of movement. We do not only perform the dance, but we even spread it out among everybody who wants to learn or just have fun.

We organize country balls (in the past – Country balls on Danube; later we started with our own tradition of country balls called CB001 and we reached number CB008) and dance courses (Belly Dance, Line Dance).

Under our protective wings, the new country generation is growing up – in our children dance ensemble Butterfly, with kids from the age of 3 (nowadays about 35 children).