In 1983 the group of fans of country music and dances together with the support of Mr. Jasan Bonus (Prague) founded the Bratislava’s Dance Association.

In the beginnings the ensemble performed often with the group Danube, and therefore also the name The Group of Traditional Dances was used. The ensemble started to meet more often at various actions with the historical group Tostabur (historical battle art and handicrafts) - this group used to be inseparable part of the program of Traditional country balls on Danube and our cooperation with them survived until nowadays.

Step by step, we have added more and more dance styles to the traditional country dance – historical dances, baroque, square dances ruled directly by callers, tap-dance, clogging, cancan...in 1996 we performed for the first time in Slovakia Irish tap-dance style ...we restored few musicals and our latest passion is modern country, especially Line Dance.